You’re not alone: the importance of christian community

Accountability plays a big part of christian relationships and community. Scripture says that we are best suited to walk our days with a companion and that two are better than one. It also says that in the multitude of counsel there is safety. I’ve personally seen the benefits of accountability in my life. It has been essential in helping to strengthen my personal walk with Christ. During the changing seasons of life, having an accountability partner has stopped me from making certain choices that would’ve been damaging. 

The need for community 

As Christians, we are made for community. Whether that’s a close knit group of christain friends,  your church family; we all need people around us that we can go to when we want to celebrate each other’s monumental ups, the uncertain middle and the final pages. Having close relationships with other believers, we have people to pray for us, encourage us and serve alongside us. Community makes room for those open, honest conversations that left unsaid would take us down a very uncertain winding path. Just like any relationship, there can be challenges within Christian community, but it’s completely worth it!

The need for accountability

When choosing someone to open up to and hold you accountable, it should be someone who is spiritually mature, who you trust and respect and who desires to see you grow in your faith.  Your accountability partner isn’t your personal parole officer. They offer a form of guidance but more than that; advice, encouragement and support. They’re someone who rallies alongside you, rather than chasing you down on your every move. The Holy Spirit is our personal guide and will convict and direct us, and the christian community around us simply helps us to grow deeper in our relationship with Him.

As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.Proverbs 27:17

Dangers of isolation 

Though it’s true that we are ultimately accountable to God, it is also true that in Christ we are part of a family and a body (1 Corinthians 12). We need others around us as there is no such thing as a solo Christian. Trying to do Christianity alone can leave room for confusion, loneliness, doubt and spiritual attacks. 

I knew someone that took time away from her church community and during that period, she made intentional steps to dig into the word of God, pray every day and worship. She thought she was doing everything right. But whilst she was seeking to grow in her faith, the seeds of doubt and her mindset caused her to question everything she knew. As soon as she stepped away from community, she turned away from the voices that would speak into her life and encourage her journey. And it’s a story I know all too well. We are not meant to live alone. We are meant to stay connected with like minded believers, so that through every obstacle, every win and every dream, there is someone next to us to reassure our purpose and to ultimately speak life into the dead places. 

Have you found yourself drawing away from a church community recently? I know in this season, It has been especially difficult to keep the same level of communication. Or maybe you had a prayer partner before that you now don’t reach out to. I would encourage you to let others back in. The longer you spend in your own company, the more powerful your inside voice will become and the easier it will be for you to start making choices that you never would have considered, had accountability and support been there. 

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Blog by Rhianna
Blog by Rhianna

I’m a final year drama student and extremely passionate about bringing faith into the arts and seeing a radical change from the inside.  I believe that God has called me to act and write films that change the landscape of what the industry looks like.