Women’s Empowerment Throughout The Bible

Twitter gave me a short pause when I scrolled through my timeline not too long ago and I came across this tweet.., the tweeter was spot on in saying…

Women’s empowerment includes being filled with the Holy Spirit, pursuing a gentle and quiet spirit, and learning in all humility and submissiveness…It’s the pursuit of holiness. Not dressing half-naked, living a promiscuous life, and doing what you want with “your body.”
–  @ashleychuizar

Peter’s letter also mentiones “but the inner person of the heart, the lasting beauty of a gentle and tranquil spirit, which is precious in God’s sight”. 1 Peter 3.4

This does not mean that women should be voiceless and powerless in our own home, but when put into context it tells us to work on what’s on the inside first before concerning ourselves with outward beauty.

Interestingly the Bible tells us all – both men and women- on many occasions to humble ourselves – although, I found myself troubled when the emphasis on gentleness and humility were aimed directly at women. After all, this is not in a way that diminishes our personalities but more so in a way that glorifies God.

How Women Empowerment Is Seen Throughout The Bible

Women empowerment is displayed through humility and submission but, this has nothing to do with weakness and here’s why.

Deborah the prophetess, Israel’s only woman judge or the daughters of Zelophehad who took destinies into their own hand and demanded their inheritance from their deceased father’s estates. I had a think about the Old Testament, which were all during a time when such was unheard of.

Then there’s our Proverbs 31 woman, a much beloved lady of righteousness. If you have never heard about our well known sister of honourable character, I’d like for you to meet her. 

“Her husband has full confidence in her…She considers a field and buys it…out of her earnings she plants a vineyard…her trading is profitable…[she]extends her hands to the needy…she is clothed in fine linen and purple…She is clothed with strength and dignity…a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.” (Taken from Proverbs 31)

That being the case, there’s nothing feeble or weak about a woman like that is there? She has a husband who totally loves her, a successful business and land with her name on it. And guess what? It doesn’t stop her from loving the Lord.

Using Our Faith To Empower Women

Women empowerment can be explored in many different ways, for example, by using the gifts that God has given us just like the women in the Bible. But how can we use this to encourage others?

Firstly, Study the Characteristics of God – Ask God to give you a heart like his in order to encourage others.

Secondly, Prayer– Ask God to bring you someone, you should reach out to.

Thirdly, Scripture– Nothing empowers us more than the promises from God’s word, he allows us to see our potential.

How will you use your faith to empower women today?

Madeline Wilson-Ojo
Madeline Wilson-Ojo

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