When it’s hard to pray

Prayer is free, accessible and available to everyone.  

It is our direct line with heaven, an opportunity to speak to our heavenly father.  

But why do we find it difficult to make time for God?  

God is always reaching out to us.  

Our cancelled plans, an opportunity to spend time with Him.  

Internets gone down, a call for us to go to prayer. 

On our journey to work, a chance for us to voice our fears and concerns.  

But what do we do? Anything other than pray.  

So here I am, pondering my inability to make more time to talk to God.  

I know what God says in those moments.  

“Dear daughter, I have made myself accessible for you. I will not leave you nor forsake you. When you are in a trouble, look to me. I am where your help comes from. I will keep chasing after your heart, even as you struggle to pray. I hear you always, even the little voice within you, crying out. I want to help you, be there for you, be your friend, a companion, a father and a God that can do the impossible for you.  I am always available, waiting, longing to commune with you. When you are ready child, I am here to listen and talk with you.” 

When it is hard to pray, let us remember who God is; a father longing for communion with his children.  

Blog by Anu Kehinde
Blog by Anu Kehinde

I’m currently an English Student at Loughborough University. Born again, Prayer warrior, worshipper & bride of Christ!