Truth be told

I’ve re-written this blog probably eight times now, unsure of how to say what’s on my mind, wanting to make sure every word was carefully put together but failing to do so. So here’s a new approach, the unedited truth.

I’m not a big fan of my content so far. I’ve been reserved, never showing too much vulnerability or rawness in fear that it might look too messy, too real. Not showing my flaws, not willing to give too much of myself away. I’ve tried to be likable, to write something that won’t offend, making sure whenever I talk about Jesus I do so in a very reserved way, so no-one is hurt by the truth.

Truth be told, I’ve played it safe with my writing…like I’ve done with other areas of my life.

&& It’s boring. It’s uninspiring. The fear of becoming just another mediocre blogger was enough to temporarily stop me writing for the past few months because what’s the point of doing something half-heartedly?

One of my 2019 goals is to be unapologetic about my faith and who I am.

That means no longer watering down my opinions and beliefs so that they are palatable for all. Whether it’s a colleague who asks my opinion on the story of creation, a friend who asks my advice on a situation or a blog post discussing something biblical. I’m bored of sitting on the fence.  

The truth offends, it causes you to re-evaluate your life, it convicts. That’s life. This year I’m going to be honest with God and honest to myself.

I’m ready to write more, share more and do this blog some justice.