The gift of prayer

A poem on the gift of prayer.

If I were to write you a list of all the things that prayer had brought me through, 

I would spend a million years writing. 

Prayer has taken me through the ups and downs, and protected me from the things I couldn’t even see. 

It’s something I strive to do all the time, 

 and did so before spilling out these words of poetry.  

Once I realise prayer should come from within,  

I dropped all the empty words and fancy recitations. 

I was able to pour out what was on my mind, and let my heart make all the dictations. 

In all the dark moments of my life, prayer became my candle. 

It shone bright like the sun, sparking up hope within me. 

It brought me closer to God and made me realise there was nothing He couldn’t handle (Jeremiah 32; 27). 

Prayer stood like a narrow path when I lost my way, it stirred me back into the right direction. 

 My Prayers would tug on the heartstrings of God. 

 He had mercy and offered me his love and protection. 

Prayer became my weapon of warfare, and my fully loaded ammunition. 

 My words struck deep like bullets, hitting the camp of the enemy with accuracy and precision.  

It wasn’t always that straight forward as I didn’t always have the right words to say. 

But knowing that even in my silence God still hears my hearts cry, 

 Is what keeps me on my knees each and every day. 

Poem by Grace
Poem by Grace

Lover of art, poetry, writing and music. I’m a creative vessel ready to explode. Artistry and passion flow through my veins, right down to the tops of my fingers. I am in my happy place when I can be creative, and see my words take the form of art.