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Starting a faith-based business with Peda

We sat down with Peda, Founder of modern-day, Christian clothing line, Abel, to discuss her journey to entrepreneurship and key learnings for future start-up owners.

Starting a business from scratch

Starting a business is hard work and requires a lot of discipline and determination. So it goes without saying that launching Abel wasn’t easy. My first hurdle was overcoming my temperament. I’m the type of person that has 10 projects lying around all in varying stages of completion because I lose interest quickly and my mind is always onto the next big thing. I remember getting to the point where I’d had enough of this and decided that Abel was going to be the catalyst for change.

The next challenge was the fact that I’m not actually naturally a “creative”. So having the vision was one thing, bringing it to life was a different ball game. So right from the very beginning, God was already teaching me to trust in Him.

God is in the details

When picking a brand name, Abel came to mind for quite a few reasons. Most people know the Biblical story of Cain and Abel. Whilst there is very little written about Abel, there is much to be learned. The name Abel means ‘breath’ which symbolises life and this is what I hope to embody through the launch of this clothing line. The name was all too fitting to give purpose to the brand. He operated in faith and gave God his best (Hebrews 11:4), and this is what inspired the clothing line.

Abel Clothing should evoke a boldness within you, these are not just trivial words on a Tee, but a statement of love and power (Matthew 22:14).

I’ve never been one for busy prints; I guess I don’t have the sass to pull them off. So the brand aesthetics are simple and clean. Wear it at home, wear it to the shop, wear it to church, wear it to the gym or wear it with a Balenciaga Hourglass blazer and heels – you do you!

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Learning to trust the process

Since launching Abel, I have a newfound appreciation for anyone who has ever started something on any scale, because it truly is hard work. A major key is self-belief, if you don’t believe in your plan, then no one else will.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned during launch is to trust the process, hurdles are real and things take time.

I thank God for a great support network, the encouragement and voluntary support has been real.

The advice I’d give to anyone who is afraid to start their own business or brand is:
– Fear will never let you achieve anything in life (Proverbs 29:25).
– Eliminate turning back or failure as an option. 
– Stand on the promises of God; Deuteronomy 31:6 is my all-time favourite verse and has encouraged me through some of my darkest moments in life!

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Abel is a modern-day clothing line for men and women. Abel’s mission is to speak life into clothing through accessible items designed to be worn and loved for a long time.

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