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Peace in times of trouble

Right now, we find ourselves living through a pandemic. Fear, pain and loss has filled the nations. Here’s the good news for the believer: peace is found in Christ, and we can experience it even in this global pandemic.

In John 16, just hours before Jesus was crucified, he was concerned for the peace and the joy and the faith of his followers. He starts with what may seem like a pretty dark thing to leave people with:

“…In this world you will have ·trouble [persecution; suffering]…” John 16: 33 (EXB) 

These words were to prepare the disciples for what was to come, but they resonate with us as a church today too. The peace that we find in Jesus surpasses all understanding.

If we look at what is occurring now, it is evident that a lot of people aren’t at peace. From a non-Christian perspective this is understandable, because it is hard to have peace when we are hearing nothing, but bad news. However, we are different to the world, because we live by the Good News, that is the Jesus Christ, and his words.

Our saviour continues, “but be courageous [be confident, be undaunted, be filled with joy]; I have overcome the world.” [My conquest is accomplished, My victory abiding.]” John 16:33 (EXB) 

It is in these times, that we ought to call on the name of the Lord, to have hope, faith, and love. We should hold on to our faith, knowing that this too shall pass. 

For me, the pandemic has encouraged me to seek God more and to have hope. Most importantly, it has allowed me to intercede on behalf of friends, families and those unknown to me.

In this season, we need to take on board the words of Paul, who urged us to continue fighting, the good fight of faith, most importantly we need to seek God and to intercede for the world.

Peace be with you.

What verse are you holding on to for peace during this season?

Blog by Susan
Blog by Susan

I enjoy helping people grow and sharing the truth found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The world that we live in is hard at times, however it is helpful to know that we do not have to live in it alone. I believe we’re here to help one another and nurture each other as we grow!