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Hi, I’m Liz, I’m based in North Carolina and I’m the founder of; a platform that aims to inspire, empower, and encourage young women to find confidence and assurance in their faith and I’m excited to be featuring on Femelle Soul to talk about  purpose and passion!

What does being ‘made for more’ mean to you? 

To me, being “made for more” is a reminder that our lives aren’t simply about us. We’ve been made to glorify God in all that we do and say. Our lives don’t go unseen by God–every second counts. We can be motivated to live this life out for Him, knowing that we’re made to live eternally with the Father in heaven. It also reminds me that obedience is vital. We risk missing out on awe-inspiring moments with God when we walk away from Him, continue in sin, and disobey His Word. So, what an encouragement to continue living for the Lord. Thankfully, He’s so merciful and offers a second chance while there’s still time on this earth. He made each and every one of us for “more”–and it’s not something to overlook.

What does purpose mean to you?

To me, purpose means to follow God’s call on your life. I think sometimes we get purpose mixed up with our careers and what we do. I believe our jobs can be one way of walking out our purpose, but I believe that our purpose ultimately is something that can’t change with time or season; we can’t lose it or be fired from it–it follows us all the days of our lives. As believers, our calling is found in God’s Word: to love the Lord (Matthew 22:37-38), to love others (Matthew 22:39), to go and make disciples (Matthew 28:19-20). This can take place at our workplace, but it can also take place everywhere we go. Sometimes God may call us to specific places and people, as we’re all unique and have different gifts. But at the end of the day, we’re all part of the same body and are called to the same purpose for His Kingdom.

” I believe that our purpose is something that can’t change with time or season; we can’t lose it or be fired from it- ”

Was there ever a time you were confused about your purpose and how did you overcome it?

 Absolutely! When I mixed up what I did, what my earthly titles were, and what my accomplishments were with my purpose, I became confused and felt unqualified. Suddenly, it wasn’t about following God’s plan or winning souls for Him–it was about what I could bring to the table, and it came with pressure. Overcoming this pressure is a continual process. I have to renew my mind with God’s Word with the truth that my identity is in Him and that my life’s purpose is to honor Him–that’s it! As I return to these truths, I find freedom to be who God created me to be and excitement to discover the path for my life that He unveils daily.

When and how did you start blogging?

I started blogging at in 2015, the spring semester of my sophomore year of college (university). First, it started with a spur of the moment decision the year before: creating a site to blog–and then never writing. At the time, there was no vision; I loved to write in my spare time, but I didn’t actually picture myself blogging. However, during this previous year, I was going deeper in my relationship with the Lord–especially through community. I felt encouraged by conversations with other believers and saw how the Holy Spirit moved in fellowship. I learned from those older than me and learned to walk with my sisters in Christ. I wanted a way to recount the lessons I learned and share them with others for encouragement–just as others had encouraged me by sharing their testimonies. And then it happened–my first blog post; a snippet of what God was teaching me early 2015. As I continued writing, as I naturally connected to other women experiencing the same things I was experiencing. The blog’s purpose became clearer to me–as I wrote the lessons God laid on my heart, I was able to reflect on my walk with Him and also minister to those seeking Him.

Do you feel as though you’re living out your purpose right now? And what gives you that reassurance that you’re on the right track? 

I do feel as though I’m living out my purpose right now, but I learned it’s a constant journey that looks different depending on the season. Whatever God calls me to–whether it’s for a season or for a second–I strive to find His voice, His purpose. He’s the one who gives me reassurance whether I’m on the right track, and He’s the one who redirects me if I’m off track. My time spent with Him through prayer and studying the Word has helped me learn to follow His purpose for me day by day.

” Whatever God calls me to–whether it’s for a season or for a second–I strive to find His voice, His purpose. ”

What is your hope for your blog/platform?

My hope for my blog, LizMargaret, is to create a space for women, especially those in colleges and beyond, to be reminded of their value in Christ. I have a slogan on the blog: “Confidence Without Compromise.” This saying is based on the fact that we can have faith (aka confidence) in the Lord even in the unknown–and we don’t have to compromise His truth to have bold confidence. Whether it’s through a devotional post or video, I hope all women who visit the platform are encouraged to stay faithful to their First Love–even when the world throws distractions their way.

What are your thoughts on purpose? Share below!

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