How To Keep Your Faith After Lock down

Trying to keep your faith after seven weeks of fundamental lifestyle changes can feel quite discouraging, especially because it seems the UK is set to start lifting its lock down. This won’t be a total relaxing of the rules, but a gradual return to ‘normality’. The global lock down of 2020 isn’t the first time we’ve been asked to stay at home. In fact, even in Biblical times, the children of Israel were warned at one point by the prophet Isaiah to “stay home”

Go, my people, enter your rooms and shut the doors behind you; hide yourselves for a little while until his wrath has passed by.Isaiah 26:20

The challenge of faith when you’re at home

But the difference with today’s lockdown is that it’s the first to have been imposed before the eyes of the internet, at a time where sharing via social media is at its best. I’ve read the many posts from people expressing the fact that they’re “bored in the house and in the house bored”. I’ve seen tweets complaining about neighbours for not sticking to the lockdown rules and have read the many takes somehow linking Covid-19 to the installation of 5G towers. But on a more positive note, I’ve also seen an overflow of creativity on platforms such as TikTok, I’ve listened to more services via online church, and have seen more people offering their knowledge for free on Instagram Live videos. 

It is important for us as Christians to keep our faith navigated during lockdown season, especially whilst many of us will be at home, we can use this time to help build our faith with the things which are easily accessible to us i.e social media.

Just as we’re getting used to our new way of life, it seems things are about to change again. The Covid-19 horror stories have barely faded, and yet it seems we’re being asked to step back out into the unknown, which could make a firm Christian believer weary.

So how can we keep ourselves prepared after lock down?

Trusting God – that’s the fundamental thing about faith right? Focusing on God’s goodness first before everything else is a great way to calm anxiety, whilst honouring Him.

Showing Love – faith is less about living in a bubble and more about sharing the love with others. Continue checking in on friends and family, running to the shops for elderly neighbours, and showing emotional support where needed.

Praying – prayer is never the last resort for any person of faith. In times like these when it feels like things have spiralled out of control, communicating with God is of most importance.

 Sticking to the rules – lifting the lockdown doesn’t mean that the outside world will suddenly be open to all. There will still be rules in place. Show some social responsibility by adhering to them.

Taking care of yourself – nobody knows what the consequences of easing the lockdown will be, and that’s unsettling. To counter anxiety, do things you enjoy such as dancing, reading or watching your favourite films. Also nourish your spirit by reading God’s word, listening to online sermons and uplifting music.

What has kept you grounded in the faith whilst being in lock down?

<strong>Blog by Madeline Wilson-Ojo</strong>
Blog by Madeline Wilson-Ojo

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