Hearing God in the Secret Place

In a world that’s constantly on-the-go and prompts us at every turn to do more, be more, become and achieve more, it can be hard to find moments of stillness amidst the chaos. Thankfully, we are loved by a father who provides rest (Matthew 11:28) and peace (John 14:27). As Christians, hearing God can help to replace anxiety and ease the stresses of the world.

Throughout the word we see Jesus instructing and teaching his disciples the importance of prayer and spending time in the presence of God, but how often do we apply this to our own lives?

Let’s be real, sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes we finally get a moment of silence and spend it scrolling on Twitter (guilty), catching up on our favourite vlog channels, or simply doing nothing. 

Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with these things, but we shouldn’t allow them to consume us. The father’s heart is always calling His children to spend time with Him, but will we respond, are we willing to dwell in His presence?

“I can’t hear God” or “God doesn’t speak to me

These are common phrases we say or hear around us, but the reality is, God is always speaking, and He always wants to be close. Hearing God is something which we all desire as Christians. Just like when you speak to a friend you expect them to respond, how much more do you think God is waiting for a response from you?

When He wants a response, He will pull one out of you! But why wait for such an urgency when you can willingly spend time in His presence.

Every worry, fear, doubt and anxiety we battle with, whether evidently or internally is brought under submission when we’re in His presence.

I encourage you over these next few weeks to be still and intentional.

Hearing God by including him in your day

You can invite God into your day by doing simple things such as praying, reading the Word, meditating on your quiet time notes throughout the day. It’s small steps, but they still count. 

What have you given up to give more time to God during this season?

Blog by Nneka
Blog by Nneka

Nneka is a Media and Communication undergrad, seeking to make God known in unconventional spaces! Writing is her major outlet and a favoured route to communion with the father. Her passion for writing has developed overtime, inspired by art, pain and this thing called life.