‘Getting Naked Later’ Review By Carter

What did you think of the book “Getting Naked Later?”

Getting Naked Later by Kate Hurley is refreshing and highlights the struggle of a single woman’s life and what we should be striving towards. Kate tells stories of how she’s had expectations of a certain life since she was a young girl, like most of us do. But Kate reminds us in her book that our lives were never ours to plan, but Gods plan for our lives. Kate also add’s “God is sewing our quilts”. It’s not something we can physically see, but we have to trust that He is making them beautiful and for our good.

Kate gives relatable anecdotes from her life which adds a level of realness and humour. This is not found in most self help books. Kate says we tend to place so many expectations on being married or in a relationship. Because of this, we’re left disappointed when we don’t have a husband or family right on our schedule. She then goes on to quote “Do not worry about tomorrow” Matthew 6:25-34. It’s not about worrying whether or not our plans will work out because we should trust His plan for our lives.

What is the truth about wanting to be married with a family?

The truth is, there’s nothing wrong with wanting a family and waiting around for Prince Charming. These are good things to want! But we shouldn’t focus our lives around waiting and potentially being disappointed with the outcome. Although, this book stands out from so many other single Christian books. It doesn’t tell you how to get a spouse or what to do while waiting for one. Kate doesn’t subscribe to the mainstream thinking that we will all end up happily married. She submits to God and His will knowing that the truth is some of us will remain single. And that is ok!

We need to trust in God and His perfect timing. As Kate says in her book “we can wait for that ghost ship forever. Or we can build a place where we can rest” (Page 6). She also says at the end of (chapter 9) Maybe we need to realise that we have our own journeys and all of our journeys are valid”. Whether you’re waiting to become a mum, wife or CEO, your journey is valid and seen by God. This is obviously easier said than done, but prayer and spending quality time with our Lord makes it easier.

What is your overall opinion of ‘Getting Naked Later’ and how has it helped you?

Getting Naked Later was a very encouraging and cosy read. It has definitely helped me in this season of my life. The study guide at the end of the book would be really helpful for anyone wanting to start a book club, or wanting to dig deeper with friends. Whether you’re single, married, a divorcee, a mother or even just dating. I think that all women could gain a lot from reading this book. Kate discusses more than just singleness, but encourages us to live our lives and walk with God. She reminds us also that we need to love those around us, ourselves and most importantly God. “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens” Ecclesiastes 3:1

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My favorite quote is “Have Courage and Be Kind” and my favorite chapter in the Bible is Psalm 46. That Psalm has helped me through a lot of difficult times, and it reminds me that God is our refuge.