Let Us Draw Near to God

There comes a part in every battle where exhaustion settles in, strength breaks down and the urge to give up and retreat echoes within your every thought. It’s those moments that become the deciding factor to whether the battle will be won or lost. 

I’m sure most of us can agree that it felt like an intense battle in this season. Oftentimes, I’ve been left exhausted, reminded that my own strength can only take me so far. When I should’ve run to God, I’ve found myself returning to my own thoughts and to the silence , without inviting Him to sit in it with me. Somehow in the midst of the battles we face, we fall so easily back into the patterns that draw us away from Him. We try to do it all by ourselves. It’s within our nature to forget the source of our strength. The bible reminds us that God is our strength. We humans have finite strength, but He is infinite. 

“The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him…” Psalm 28:7

Draw near to God 

“Let us draw near to God with a sincere heart and with the full assurance that faith brings….” Hebrews 10:22

So how do we draw near? The bible tells us to draw near with sincerity and faith. By fixing our eyes on Him we can silence the noise and confusion that the world brings. Through prayer, worship, and reading the word, we can draw near to God knowing that even when we are weak, He is strong. He alone can equip us with the strength to fight with a winning hand. 

If you’re feeling anxious, or lacking the energy to pray and move towards God, He is still near. God has gone through incredible lengths to draw us near to Him. He wants us to experience His grace, and He wants the relationship restored. He has not abandoned you. All you need to remember is that you can come to Him just as you are with all your fear, disappointment and jaded feelings. Don’t stay away because you expect rejection for your negative state of mind.

Ephesians 6:10 reminds us “God is strong, and he wants you strong. So take everything the Master has set out for you, well-made weapons of the best materials. And put them to use so you will be able to stand up to everything the Devil throws your way.” (MSG version)

So approach boldly before the throne, draw near to God and receive strength.

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Blog by Rhianna
Blog by Rhianna

I’m a final year drama student and extremely passionate about bringing faith into the arts and seeing a radical change from the inside.  I believe that God has called me to act and write films that change the landscape of what the industry looks like.