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Love and Expectations

I’m sure I’m not the only one who imagined my boo would stand outside my window with a radio playing my favourite songs, write me love letters and we’d ride away in the sunset somewhere happily ever after. And can you blame me? We’ve bought a fantasy sold to us through most love songs, romance novels and romcoms. Whilst the romantic in me will never die, I’ve learnt that there is a big difference between having high standards and unreasonable expectations.

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Being somebody & being somebodies

Can we be ‘somebody’s’ whilst being ‘somebodies?’. Is it overly ambitious to aspire to want to be successful in our careers, whilst being good partners, wives or great mums? (when the time comes). I’ve come across several people who believe that as a woman, you have to choose: you can either be a good partner or a successful career woman, but you can’t be both…