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God can be enjoyed

I can remember looking from the outside-in and thinking Christianity looked like any other religion, full of rules and regulations. For obvious reasons, I wasn’t interested. But one of the best things I’ve come to learn is that God can be enjoyed. He doesn’t want to rob our joy, he wants us to find it in Him. He’s not just calling you to come, but calling you to come for your joy!

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When all is stripped away

I talk about loving the skin you’re in and accepting your flaws a lot, and most of the time, I believe it. But not always. We can all admit that the pressure to have to look good is real. And women tend to be hit the hardest. The beauty market thrives off selling us the lie that we’re not pretty enough, and it’s a lie that we so easily buy. I’ve found it’s a lot easier to conform to beauty standards but harder to arrive at a point of self-acceptance.