Do you want to be healed?

Believing in God’s Word for miraculous healing takes great faith. How would we respond if Jesus directly asked us if we want to be healed? Would we be like the man in John with excuses? Or believe in the Lord’s healing power?

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Walking in faith without doubt

In times of trouble it can be hard to keep our faith strong. When doubt starts to creep in our faith can really be shaken. How do you overcome doubt and walk in faith?

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Peace in times of trouble

Fear can seem like a natural instinct for human beings, especially in times of pain. The way we deal with adversity can be difficult but the Bible instructs us to be courageous and confident and call on Jesus to help us.

Why we pray

As believers, prayer is one of the most important aspects of our walk because it gives us the opportunity to talk to our Savior. Here’s a blog on why we pray, written by Carter.