Truth be told

We often hear that it’s important to “stay true to yourself” and “speak your truth”. But let’s be honest, like most things, it’s a lot easier said than done. The hardest blog I’ve had to write so far, but by far my favourite. My unedited truth.

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What do you want woman?

  For many of y’all it’s been the first week back. On Tuesday #BackToWork was trending on Twitter, and after a week of lie-ins, food overload and binging on Netflix I’m sure the struggle was real for everyone who headed back to work. If that was you, I salute you. I’ve seen the usual transition…

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Being somebody & being somebodies

Can we be ‘somebody’s’ whilst being ‘somebodies?’. Is it overly ambitious to aspire to want to be successful in our careers, whilst being good partners, wives or great mums? (when the time comes). I’ve come across several people who believe that as a woman, you have to choose: you can either be a good partner or a successful career woman, but you can’t be both…

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